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The body-changing mentorship program that has consistently yielded startling, lightning-quick results for hundreds of regular people in more than 30 countries—without extreme dieting, marathon exercise sessions, or expensive supplements

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Dear Fitness Friend,
Will you do me a favor?
Perform this simple 3-step exercise with me…

1.  Take out a small sheet of paper and write down
exactly how much fat you'd like to lose and/or muscle you'd like to gain to achieve your ideal body (don't limit yourself based on what you think you can achieve; instead, write down what you really, truly, deep inside want to achieve).

2.  Just under that, jot down how quickly you’d like to accomplish that goal.

Now, with those two figures written down, I’d like you to do one last thing.

I want you to stop and think about just how much of an impact achieving that goal would have on your entire life.

Take just a minute and really think about...
  • The dramatic impact that having a lean, healthy body would have on your confidence.
  • How much more energy you'd have to do all the things you want to do.
  • Exactly how it would feel to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and see abs.

Did you do it?

I hope so.

Becuase here's the thing…

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It’s a fact.

Not hype—fact.
And can tell you that so firmly today for one simple reason:

I’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world do exactly that.
Regular, ordinary people just like you…turned into extraordinary success stories.
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My guess is that you’ve given the typical “self-help” approach to body transformation a try…and as a product of those efforts, you’ve likely experienced mediocre (if any) results. Don’t worry, you’re not in the minority, you’re in the majority. When it comes to success rates, self-help scores pitifully low.
The fact of the matter is this: if you truly want to experience success and change your body, it’s going to require a dramatically different approach from what's being thrown around by the mainstream media..
Enter fully supported coaching.
With this program, I throw self-help out the window and instead give you the hands-on, expert help that has been proven to work for hundreds of real people all over the world.
Put simply, Premium Coaching is about taking you, step-by-step, exactly where you want to go. It’s about mentorship. It’s about results.

And rapid, measureable results are exactly what you can expect to achieve as my client for four fundamental reasons:

1.  I tell you exactly what to do.

2.  I design a program specifically for you, and only you.

3.  I work with you hand-in-hand throughout your entire transformation.

4.  I monitor and assist you every step of the way.

Let's take a closer look:
  • Have you ever started a fitness program only to be left with a ton of questions and thoughts of whether or not you are doing things right?  Well, imagine how it will feel when you know that you are doing everything right—and you will be, because I tell you exactly what you do. There is no guesswork whatsoever—I map out a complete fool-proof plan for success for you that gives you every single tool you need to achieve the body of your dreams as fast as humanly possible. Everything. You don’t have to figure out anything—you just take the plan, implement it, and achieve rapid, earth-shattering results. It’s that simple.
  • As you’ll see in the REAL Individualization section below, your nutrition and exercise programming will be professionally designed just for you based on your distinct body type, unique physiology, specific goals, and individual needs. Beginner or highly advanced, I meet you at your level as I’ve worked with everyone from complete beginners to professional athletes. Your custom, tailor-made program is one that is sure to work for you, because I design a program specifically for you, and only you.
  • This is a true hands-on, one-on-one experience full of powerful motivation and accountability. Rest assured, I will be working with you personally, hand-in-hand throughout your entire transformation.  And as we work together, we’ll build and cultivate a personal client-coach relationship through communication, interaction, and feedback. All of this together has proven time and time again to absolutely skyrocket results far beyond what is possible when going at it alone.
  • As my client, you are never alone. Ever. If you have a question, I answer it. If you need something, I make sure you get it. With this program, I montitor and assist you every single step of the way, ensuring you receive unique, personal attention and full support directly from the best in the world. Both you and your programming are constantly monitored and assessed to ensure your results. I accept nothing less.
Previously, this type of highly personalized, comprehensive one-on-one personal training experience was only available to my private clients in the greater Philadelphia area.  But now, with the availability of the Premium Web-based Coaching program...

It doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the planet—I can get you where you want to be.
But instead of just telling you myself, I'll let some of my international web-based coaching clients tell you about their experience with the program firsthand.

Body Transformation International
“32 pounds of fat later, I’m more than a believer!”
Admittedly, I didn’t quite know what to think about web-based coaching at first, but Joel quickly made a believer out of me when I dropped a full dress size the first month. Now, five months and 32 pounds of fat later I’m wearing a size 4 (down from a size 12) and am more comfortable in my own skin than I’ve ever been. This type of individualized programming seriously works!
Dana L.
Sapporo, Japan

“Fastest progress I’ve ever made!”
In the last four weeks I’ve gained 8 pounds of muscle and every single one of my lifts have gone up significantly. This is the fastest progress I’ve ever made! Thanks to Joel and the coaching program, I’m extremely motivated, having tons of fun, and making great gains. I really couldn’t ask for more.
Cory H.
Wellington, New Zealand
“Down 20 lbs of fat and loving it—in England!”
I can’t even begin to say how impressed I am with Joel’s online coaching program. Despite being half-way across the world, I’ve gotten more detailed programming, advice, and support from Joel than I’ve ever received when working with someone locally. He really puts the time into ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed, and it definitely shows—the 20 pounds I’ve lost already are getting the attention of my coworkers on a daily basis. And if only you could see their faces when I tell them I’m working with a trainer in the states!
Sara T.
London, England
“Joel meets you at your level.”
When I first started working with Joel, I was coming off an injury that had kept me out of gym for over a month. Joel’s program design met me exactly where I was, easing me back into a consistent exercise program and helping me shed 27 pounds of fat over the course of the last three months. That makes me 15 lbs lighter than I was pre-injury and the leanest I’ve been in years!
Scott V.
Dublin, Ireland

In just a few short moments, I’m going to tell you exactly what becoming a Premium Web-based Coaching client of mine entails, but before I do, allow me to tell you a little about myself and share with you...

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Reason # 1: High-end Expertise At Your Fingertips

Magazines like Men’s Fitness, Woman’s Day, Testosterone, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, MuscleMag International, Clean Eating, Muscle & Fitness Hers, SELF and many others all come to me because I’ve established myself as one of the nation’s leading authorities on fast fat loss and cutting-edge muscle building techniques. My work can also be found at your local bookstore as both a solo author and contributor to several best-selling diet and fitness books. Additionally, my expertise has landed me placements on news broadcasts and talk shows airing on such major television networks as CBS and NBC. I’ve appeared on SIRIUS Satellite Radio numerous times to talk health and fitness and have been interviewed on more than two-hundred AM and FM radio stations throughout the United States and Canada.

Body Transformation Media
Now, I don't say any of that to brag, but rather to show you exactly the type of expertise and value you have the opportunity to gain access to as my client. Simply put, when you train with me, you will be working directly, hands-on with a expert trainer who is internationally recognized for getting bigtime results with clients. No longer are you limited to the average personal trainers at your local gym—by becoming a personal coaching client today, you can immediately begin working with the industry’s best to obtain the results you deserve.

Reason # 2: I’ve Been In Your Shoes

Before you think that perhaps I’m just one of those guys who’s always had an easy time with his own body, let me tell you that I’ve been in your shoes, and to get where I am today, I’ve had to walk my own walk.

If you take a look at the comparison photos below (yes, they're all me), to the left you will find me, circa 2001, prior to my “initial transformation” in that year’s Body-for-Life Challenge. You may have heard of the BFL Challenge as it’s a pretty well known international body transformation contest attracting several hundred thousand contestants each year with things like Corvettes, dream vacations, and prize money up to $1,000,000 in cash being distributed amongst the winners. Anyway, the picture you see is my “before” picture, the typical "skinny-fat" guy. Fortunately, though, at that point I had already been extensively studying the human body, digging at length through scientific research, and reading anything and everything I could get my hands on about gaining muscle in preparation to enter—and win—the contest later that year. And that’s exactly what I did, losing close to 20 lbs of fat while putting on 22.5 lbs of solid muscle in 16 short weeks to earn the title of Grand Champion (along with a bunch of fun prizes ;).
Joel Marion Before After
And to the far right is me today (8 years later), still in great shape and with 10x’s the fitness knowledge I had back then.

You see, when it comes to body transformation, I’ve been there, done that. I was a regular guy with regular genetics who took his physique to the next level, and as you’ll see in the next section, I can help you do the same (and maintain it for the rest of your life).


Reason # 3: Results, Results, Results 

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from my story is my web-based client Monty, a 34 year-old financial consultant from Grand Island, Nebraska. Tipping the scales at 202 lbs, Monty was more than 40 lbs overweight and completely stressed out by his job right about the time he came to me looking for a change. And a change is exactly what he got as I helped him melt away 48 lbs of fat in just 16 weeks, boosting his confidence, decreasing his stress levels dramatically, and propelling him to the best physical shape of his entire life. You can see Monty below, featured in Men’s Fitness magazine as one of my client success stories.

Body Transformation Client Monty
"Working with Joel was one of the most motivating experiences of my life.  If it weren't for his coaching and programming, I don't think I'd ever have made this transformation.  In fact, I know I wouldn't have.  From the way I look to the way I feel...it's a night and day difference."

-Monty R.
Grand Island, Nebraska





And then there's Electra, a 35-year old client from Mechelen, Belgium who through working with me completely transformed her body in just 12 weeks time dropping 35 lbs, 30 inches, and 15% body fat.  You can check out Electra's stunning transformation and results below.

Body Transformation Client Electra
"After years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts, Joel's coaching blew away my every expectation in just 12 weeks.  For the first time in a very long time, I look in the mirror and am pleased with what I see.  I'm healthy, fit, and full of confidence.  I don't feel fat.  Instead, I feel attractive and like the woman I know I am."

-Electra C.
Melechen, Belgium


Amazing detail. Amazing Results.”

The detail that goes into these programs is nothing short of incredible. To have a program this thorough, specifically custom-designed for me each month from a renowned fitness expert like Joel is something that I’d never find anywhere else. I’m just glad that I did because the coaching program has helped me lose 14 pounds already in just my first two months. I can’t wait to see where the next few months take me!
Michelle T.
Hollywood, Florida
“Lawyer drops 37 lbs and gains health.”
As a lawyer with an intense, demanding workday, I was having a hard time fitting being healthy in my schedule. It was definitely taking a toll on me and my family, so much so that my wife is actually the one who signed me up to train with Joel. Well, surprisingly, Joel took away all my excuses by providing me with a program that was easy to follow, even with my busy schedule. The workouts are short and the nutrition portion became second nature after on a few weeks (not to mention, there was plenty of variety). Six months later we’re still working together and I’m operating day to day with less stress and less fat, currently 37 pounds lighter than when I started.
Shawn R., Esq.
North Hanover, New Jersey
“Spending my money on what counts: RESULTS”
Everyone knew I was into weight training because of the ton of supplements at my apartment and the fact that I was always “heading to the gym”—but despite all that, people who didn’t know me would never guess that I worked out. Now I’m saving a ton of money on supplements each month and am actually seeing big-time results from my workouts. In fact, I’m up 14 pounds since beginning working with Joel about 4 and ½ months ago—with a more defined midsection to boot!
James C.
Grandview Heights, Ohio
“At 34, I’m seeing my abs for the first time!”
I’m in another state, but Joel manages to get it done right from where he’s at. Working with Joel has given me the motivation I need to stay on track and the programming to achieve my fitness goals. I’m down 17 pounds in three months and at 34 I’m seeing abs for the first time since high school. If you’re looking for top-notch personalized program design, don’t even hesitate—join the coaching program now!
Orlando M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

And as you can see from the testimonials spread all throughout this page, there are countless more success stories to add to Electra's and Monty's.

  • Dana L, Japan, lost 32 lbs of fat while going from a size 12 down to a size 4
  • Diona S, Canada, completely made over her body by melting away 27 lbs of fat and adding 7 lbs of new, sexy lean muscle in just four months
  • Mike N, Virginia, dropped 10 lbs of fat and gained 10 lbs of dense muscle in just two months
  • Corey H, New Zealand, gained 8 lbs of muscle in just 4 weeks
  • Sara T, England, lost 20 lbs of unwanted body fat and gained confidence
  • Scot V, Ireland, dropped 27 lbs of fat while recovering from an injury
  • Michele T, Florida, shed 14 lbs of pure body fat in just 8 short weeks
  • James C, Ohio, gained 14 lbs of muscle while actually losing body fat in 16 weeks
  • Orlando M, Florida, lost 17 lbs and found his abs for the first time ever at 34
  • Chris E, California, gained 9 lbs of muscle while getting rid of 19 lbs of fat

Through the power of personal mentoring, I have helped people literally all over the world achieve their best bodies. I’ve worked with individuals in more than 20 countries and from all walks of life. I’m talking doctors, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, fitness models, athletes, businessmen and women, college students, and plenty of 9 to 5 working class adults.

I’ve helped men put on slabs of muscle and finally find their abs.

I’ve helped women achieve the lean and sexy look they’ve always desired.

Simply put, when you train with me, results are typical, and here’s why:

My methods and programs are the result of dissecting countless research studies, myriads of journals, and hundreds of books on the subjects of weight training, conditioning, fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, hormones, metabolism, and nutritional science combined with years of experience working with people in the real world. I pride myself in staying on the cutting edge of everything training and nutrition related, developing strategies that no one else in the field is using in order to give the very best to my clients.

Body Transformation Subhead 7

Some trainers will tell you it’s impossible, but it’s something I’ve been able to do with clients on a regular basis.

“-22 lbs of fat + 7 lbs of muscle = sexy…”
Joel helped me achieve the “lean & tone” look I’ve always wanted by dropping 22 pounds of fat and adding 7 sexy pounds of muscle in four months time. Now that I’m working with Joel, I never feel like I’m wasting a second in the gym—I’m always progressing! That’s a huge difference from the last year where I made very little progress despite working out pretty regularly.
Diona S.
Alberta, Canada
“19 lbs of fat and 9 lbs of muscle while exercising less”
After spending hours and hours in the gym only to experience insignificant results, I decided to give training with Joel a try. Not only did he help me get the results I’ve been longing to experience (dropping 19 pounds of fat and gaining 9 pounds of muscle in four months), but he had me do it by cutting my gym time to ¼ of what it used to be—talk about efficient!
Christopher E.
Santa Clara, California

“Dropping 10 lbs of fat and gaining 10 lb of muscle was pretty unreal...”
I guess you could call me a recreational bodybuilder, but really, I’m just a guy who wants to look great with his shirt off. Unfortunately, despite my 8 years of training experience, I had allowed myself to fall off a bit and was looking a little “softer” than I would like. So, I hired Joel to put my programming on “autopilot” and light a fire under my butt. In two months, he helped me lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle—pretty unreal considering my training age. If anyone’s looking for someone to take your physique to the next level, this is the guy to see.
Mike N.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

You see, I get far from average results with clients because I myself absolutely refuse to be average in my approach. This is why I’ve emerged as an industry expert and why when you train with me you can expect to succeed. 

Body Transformation Subhead 4

“Individualized”—you hear the term thrown around by fitness products, websites, and even personal trainers all the time, and quite frankly, it makes me cringe. Somehow these people think that by entering your weight into a software program or by looking it up on a chart you can obtain individualized nutrition recommendations or an individualized version of their program. Yeah right.

And others believe that by offering a beginner or advanced workout (while most products don’t even do this), their program magically becomes individualized. I’m sorry, but this isn’t even close to REAL individualization—the type of individualization that you deserve and receive as a personal coaching client.

While things like body weight and starting level are important, they are only two of the fifteen components I personally assess prior to developing a truly individualized program for a client. As a Premium Web-based Coaching client, your programming will be based on your:

  • recent dieting habits
  • recent exercise habits
  • extensive training history
  • current level of fitness
  • general activity level
  • schedule
  • equipment availability
  • gender
  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • body mass
  • percentage body fat
  • personal body fat storage patterns
  • body type, based on a 27-criteria assessment…
and of course, your specific goals (fat loss, muscle gain, simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain, increased strength, increased performance, etc).

Once your information is collected, I analyze it piece by piece and then—based on my extensive knowledge, experience, and battery of time-tested, innovative methods—decide how to best approach your programming. It is this kind of extreme individualization that makes it nearly impossible to experience anything but success as my client. Add in the fact that your program comes fully monitored with progress-based adjustments and you can clearly see why becoming a Premium Web-based Coaching client is hands down, the absolute fastest, most certain means to achieving the body you want—period.

 Body Transformation Subhead 6

I thought you'd never ask :-)  As a Premium Web-based Coaching client, you will receive:

 Body Transformation Assessment
The REAL Individualization™ Initial Client Assessment
($99 value)

The first thing you will receive when you are accepted as a Premium Web-based Coaching client is the Detailed Client Information packet and questionnaire. This questionnaire covers all 15 areas of REAL Individualization and lays the foundation for my custom program design as it provides me with highly personalized information about you, your background, goals, and unique needs.

Body Transformation Nutrition ProgramOne monthly custom-designed nutrition program
($250 value)

Nutrition is undeniably the most critical component of body transformation. Unfortunately, most programs either completely overlook the nutritional component or at best minimize it as an afterthought. This is not the case with Premium Web-based Coaching. As a matter of fact, you can expect your nutrition program to form the backbone of your monthly programming because it really is that important. With that said, each month you will receive an innovative nutrition program that comes fully integrated with your exercise program to yield synergistic results. This all-inclusive program completely automates your nutrition as it not only shows you what foods to eat, but when to eat them and in what amounts to maximize progress. Further, it comes complete with personalized meal plans for both workout and non-workout days, food lists, sample meal combinations and sample menus, as well as daily log sheets to track your intake—all 100% individualized and custom-designed based on your REAL Individualization assessment.


Body Transformation Exercise ProgramOne monthly custom-designed exercise program
($200 value)

Rest assured, while we certainly will be emphasizing nutrition, we won’t be putting any less emphasis on the quality and completeness of your exercise program. In fact, you can expect your exercise program to be just as comprehensive, itemizing everything from sets, reps, rest periods, loading, progression, and frequency. Depending on your goals, your exercise program will include a cutting-edge resistance training program and/or an aerobic/anaerobic conditioning/cardio program. Make no mistake, this is extremely thorough programming that not only provides you with everything you need to know to successfully perform each workout, but most importantly it also gives you the “why” behind every method included, ensuring that you never, ever go into a program “blind”.

Additionally, the resistance training and conditioning portions of your programming will be fully integrated with your nutrition program to ensure that all three synergistically work together for maximal results. And, as always, your exercise program will be custom built based on your REAL Individualization assessment.


Body Transformation Supplement ProgramOne montly custom-designed supplementation program
($100 value)

The value of this is even more than the above as you never have to worry about wasting your hard earned money on another bogus supplement ever again.  Each month you will receive a comprehensive supplementation program that is fully integrated with the nutrition and exercise components of your programming to further hasten results. Supplements will be broken down into three categories: standard, recommended, and ancillary. Both the recommended and ancillary sections are completely optional based on your budget. Furthermore, as you’ve grown to expect, every supplement listed in your program will been hand selected based on your REAL Individualization survey and will take everything from your specific goals to your body type and special needs into consideration. With literally thousands of nutritional supplements on the market, your custom-designed supplementation program will narrow the list down to a handful, guiding you only to those products that will economically help you realize your specific goals much faster.


Body Transformation Monitored AssessmentOne monthly monitored progress assessment
($75 value)

Each month you will receive a mid-month monitored progress assessment form to fill out and return to me. These assessments allow me to evaluate how the programming is responding to your unique physiology and if necessary, I will make adjustments and alterations at no additional charge.  They also give you numerous opportunities to provide me with detailed feedback as a client which I then in turn use when developing your next month of programming.  As a Premium Web-based Coaching client we continually work together as client and coach to give you a truly hands-on, fully supported experience.

Additionally, when you apply today I'll add in the following two information-packed bonus manuals absolutely FREE:

Body Transformation Quick StartFREE Bonus #1: The Ultimate Quick-Start Nutrition Guide ($27 value)

This manual will help familiarize you with my approach to nutrition and many of the strategies that you will see implemented within your monthly programming. Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or both, the information presented in this manual will put you on the track for nutritional success.

Body Transformation LibraryFREE Bonus #2:
Illustrated Exercise Library ($27 value)

This manual indexes all the exercises that may be used as part of your custom weight training program. Each exercise is fully illustrated and contains detailed step by step instructions to ensure that when you perform an exercise, you get the movement’s full and intended benefit.

To recap, that’s an extremely detailed initial assessment, monthly custom-designed nutrition, exercise, and supplementation programs, and two FREE bonus manuals.

At this point, you’re probably wondering...

Body Transformation Subheadline 8

Allow me to share a few numbers with you to put things in perspective. If you are going to work out with a personal trainer at your local gym just twice a week, that will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $130 per week or $520 per month, sometimes more. And that’s just the cost of a couple workouts—no detailed program design, no nutrition or supplementation counseling, and no educational materials—with an average trainer likely using extremely outdated methods and definitely not using the cutting-edge integrated programming that you have the opportunity to experience as a client of mine.

Needless to say, as you may have experienced, this is a surefire way to spend a lot of money on an approach that more or less sets you up for failure.

Average trainer + average methods = average, if any, results. Cost: $520+ per month.

Now, if you were to come to my office here in New Jersey for an in person consultation, the nutrition, exercise, and supplementation program design services are available to purchase as individual services only. The cost of each of these services is $250, $200, and $100, respectively. There is also a $99 start-up fee for the REAL Individualization assessment and the extra time required to develop programming for a completely new client. If I were to offer you the program at those rates, it would cost you:

$250   -   nutrition program design
$200  -   exercise program design
$100     -   supplementation program design
$99     -   initial assessment and start-up fee

That’s $649 dollars for the first month and $548 every month thereafter. And because of the results I get, and when compared to what they’d be paying for average advice from the average local personal trainer, my clients gladly pay that amount.
But, the good news is, that’s not the amount you’ll pay to become a web-based client (even though you will be receiving the same level of service, only via the web). In fact, colleagues and other coaches who have seen the level of detail that goes into each program I design have told me that I’m outright crazy to offer personal mentoring at this price, but here’s the deal:

Today, as an exclusive online offer only, I am making all of these services available to you, along with the Ultimate Quick-start Nutrition Guide and Illustrated Exercise Library as added bonuses, at the seriously discounted price of:
  • $174/month with a one-time initial assessment/start-up fee of $99
That is less than half the monthly cost of consulting with me in person, and even better, get the start-up fee completely waived by going GOLD (see limited time offer below).

Body Transformation Subhead 5

But, in order to receive this heavily discounted rate, there is one small catch:  the above rate is only guaranteed for those individuals who act now.  As my time continues to grow more limited from the various projects I am involved in, the monthly rate WILL go up and will continue to do so.  And that's not some marketing tactic, it's just the simple, honest truth.  Simply put, the rate you see advertised above is the absolute lowest rate at which you will ever have the opportunity to become a premium coaching client.  Further, by applying today you ensure that this rate will never go up so long as you are a client, even if the advertised rate goes up (which it will).

Body Transformation Promo Headline
 Body Transformation Promo

Now the basic package is a really, really good deal, but here's an even better one—we are currently running a special promotion in which anyone who applies and is accepted as a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching client this month only will get the initial assessment/start-up fee completely waived.

The GOLD package is the ultimate coaching experience, providing you with additional support and five extremely valuable extras in total.
And by acting now to take advantage of this special offer, you can get them all for FREE.

Body Transformation Email AccessGold Extra #1: Direct unlimited access to me via my GOLD clients-only email address with priority support ($297 value)
Because my regular contact inbox is swarmed with literally hundreds of emails each day, you will be provided with a special “GOLD clients-only” email address which receives the highest attention of all my incoming mail. This means that as a GOLD client not only do you gain full email access to me as your personal coach, but you also ensure that—despite my demanding schedule and the numerous projects I am involved in—your emails and questions are the ones I respond to first. This feature is an immense value in and of itself (I charge $250 for an hour of my time), further making the Premium Web-based Coaching program the most fail-safe route to achieving your goals. REAL Individualization. Custom programming. Monitored progress. Priority support. That’s the Premium Web-based Coaching difference.
Body Transformation PrereleaseGold Extra #2: Access to Pre-release Programs
($197 value)

As a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching client, you will have access to exclusive test groups for new upcoming products and programs well in advance of their release to the general public. These are advanced learning tools and “courses” (a few of which are already in the works) that are a far cry from the typical fitness product. 

Body Transformation Exercise DVDGold Extra #3:
600+ Exercise Video Library

($97 value)

This is one of the most extensive exercise databases you will ever find anywhere.  It includes video, PDF, and web versions of more than 600+ exercises.  Each exercise listing is accompanied by a written description as well as a list of benefits, tips, and common errors.  And you get access to it all when you become a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching Client today.

Body Transformation SmoothiesGold Extra #4:
Super Smoothies Recipe Booklet

($27 value)

Do you lead a busy lifestyle and need some great ideas for nutrition on the go? This manual provides you with nearly twenty of my favorite nutrition smoothie recipes. With flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Apple Cinnamon Oblivion, Café Mocha, Key Lime Pie, and Berry Blast, these smoothies taste so good you’re going to have a hard time believing they’re healthy! 

Gourmet Nutrition DessertsGold Extra #5:
Gourmet Nutrition Desserts eBook ($27 value)

My good friend and secret weapon in the kitchen Dr. John Berardi has authored several amazing cookbooks for fit food lovers with his Gourmet Nutrition series, one of which is Gourmet Nutrition: Desserts. John is one of the, if not the leading name in sports nutrition today, and when you sign up to be a GOLD client, you’ll immediately receive this absolutely phenomenal 44-page eBook containing 15 salivating yet extremely healthy dessert recipes.

And the cost to become a GOLD client?
Body Transformation Price

*no start-up fee this month only

Body Transformation Bundle
Body Transformation Free Extras

Further, this actually makes the cost of your first month as a GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching client $76 cheaper than the basic package (since there is no start-up fee)!
To Recap, Here's EVERYTHING You Get As A GOLD Premium Web-based Coaching Client:
The REAL Individualization Initial Client Assessment $99
One Monthly Custom-Designed Nutrition Program $250
One Monthly Custom-Designed Exercise Program $200
One Monthly Custom-Designed Supplement Program $100
One Monthly Mid-Month Monitored Progress Assessment $75
Direct Unlimited Access to Me Via My GOLD Clients Only Email Address w/ Priority Support $297
Advanced Access to Pre-Release Products and Programs $197
Exercise Demo Video Library (With 600+ Exercises) $97
The Ultimate Quick-Start Nutrition Guide $27
Illustrated Exercise Library Manual $27
Super Smoothies Recipe Booklet $27
Gourmet Nutrition Desserts eBook $27
Total Value $1423
Monthly Cost to You


Now you may be wondering if there is a minimum time commitment for either the basic or GOLD packages, and the answer is absolutely, positively yes (don't worry, you are fully protected by my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee, which guarantees your satisfaction or I don't even want to touch your money).

The minimum time commitment for web-based clients is four months (billed monthly), and here are all the very important reasons why:
First, I’ll be very frank in saying that the price I am charging to become a comprehensive web-based client of mine is an absolute steal. It’s a huge discount in comparison to what my private clients pay and when it comes down to it, working out with Joe Trainer at Gold’s Gym or 24-hour Fitness would cost you more.
Simply put, if I’m going to offer this extensive of a service at this price, I need to know that the individuals I take on as clients are highly motivated, committed, and serious about achieving their goals.
Taking a completely new client into this type of highly individualized, one-on-one mentoring program is a very time consuming process and I simply can not afford to do so only to have that person quit a month later.
On a similar note, the four month commitment serves as a huge means of motivation for you. It’s easy to get distracted and “fall off the wagon” when you haven’t invested much, but when you start off by making a firm, dedicated commitment, you will undoubtedly be more focused and motivated to follow through on that commitment.
It's a proven fact that when you put up some collateral, you're much more likely to succeed—period.
In fact, I’ve had plenty of high-level bodybuilders and even other trainers come to me simply for this reason. While these individuals are certainly capable of developing their own programming, they know that when making a committed investment up front (in addition to the accountability of working with a personal coach) they’ll be much more motivated to give 110% effort and achieve their goals even faster.
And lastly, the most important reason for the four month time frame is that it gives us adequate time to establish a firm client-coach relationship, correct metabolic issues, and utilize a number of different methods to ensure you get the vivid, permanent, sustainable results you deserve. I want to be very clear: as my client your success is my only priority, and that’s precisely the reason why despite the four month minimum, the actual average time my web-based clients train under me is much longer, in the area of eight to nine months or more.

Body Transformation Guarantee Cert

Body Transformation Money Back
By now, you’re probably getting pretty excited about the thought of becoming a Premium Web-based Coaching client and getting started on the path toward your new body; but before we go any further, I want to do one more thing to further insure your decision—and that’s provide you with my unconditional 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.
To be frank, I know (and my clients know firsthand) that the value I provide to my clients outweighs the cost of my services many, many times over. You simply can’t get this extensive of a service at this price from someone in my position anywhere else in the industry—and to be honest, you’d be lucky to get half as much from many services priced two and three times what I charge. The fact is, I go above and beyond to take care of my clients and as such am extremely comfortable offering every new client a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee.  Here’s how it works:  if after the REAL Individualization™ assessment and receiving your first month of programming you feel that it is anything less than you expected or anticipated, I will promptly refund every single penny you paid.  It's that simple.
As mentioned previously, taking on a new client into this type of highly-individualized program is a very involved, labor-intensive process, but I’m willing to put my time where my mouth is because I’m exceptionally confident that when you receive your first month of programming you’ll agree that the value you’re receiving as my personal client is second to none. But if for any reason you don’t agree, I’ll chalk up the lost time, issue you a prompt refund, and you still get to keep the program and all the bonus materials at my expense. As you can see, all of the risk is entirely on me.

Body Transformation Apply Headline

In order to ensure that each client receives the highest quality of service (and because I would accept nothing less from myself), spaces in the Premium Web-based Coaching program are limited to a select number of individuals.  Generally, there are at most a few open spots at any given time and at many times throughout the year I am forced to operate on a waiting list. As such, new clients are currently being accepted by application only—this gives me the opportunity to screen potential clients to ensure that the individuals I decide to work with have a mindset to succeed. If you think that’s you, click here to apply today.
Are you ready to finally start achieving the results you deserve from the effort you put in?
Are you ready for the extreme motivation that comes with knowing you are working with a premier coach?
And are you ready to experience just how fast you can start moving toward the body of your dreams?
If so, start now—
The fact is, a month from now you are going to look in the mirror and the image you see staring back at you will be the result of what you decide today.
You can either be standing there face to face with a reflection that looks more or less the same as it does right now OR you can be looking at a body that has already experienced dramatic change.
The choice is yours.
Don’t waste another minute getting anything less than the fastest possible results. The time to start achieving the body you never thought you could have is now.

 Apply for your spot now!
Your friend and coach,

Joel Marion Signature
Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT
P.S. Don’t let someone else jump in and take your spot. By applying now, you ensure the best possible placement for your application.
P.P.S. The FREE GOLD upgrade is only available to those who apply and are accepted into the program this month.  It is important to fill out the application now so you don't miss out on this unique opportunity!
P.P.P.S. Still unsure? Just check out the below letter from one of my Premium Web-based Coaching clients about the program (completely unsolicited):
Hey Joel,
Just received the new program and I really just wanted to write and say thank you.
You’re probably wondering why, but let me explain. In the past, I’ve paid top dollar to work online with other high-profile trainers (trainers who mainly work with professional bodybuilders and figure competitors, etc) only to be left largely disappointed. On both occasions, my “personalized” program came in the form of a two to three page document with about as much detail as a low-quality fitness rag article. And when I had questions (obviously), getting a hold of these “coaches” or even receiving anything more than a one or two line response was like pulling teeth. Maybe it’s just me, but considering the price tag (about twice what I’m paying to train with you), I expected a bit more.
Several months ago, however, as you know, [a friend of mine] referred me to you, and while I was wary given my own past experiences, she spoke so highly of hers that I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is thank goodness I did! This has this been a COMPLETELY different experience in every way, shape, and form. In fact, the difference was obvious right from the beginning when you sent me the Detailed Client Information forms. Previously, I was asked a couple of questions about my goals and maybe my current weight, but your initial assessment stood light years apart from that. Never before had a trainer taken the time to collect and analyze that type of detailed information about me prior to developing my program. It was pretty cool to see everything that was going to go into “individualizing” my program right there in front of me. And as for the actual programs, they’ve without a doubt gone beyond my every expectation. Each one comes with all the information I need to succeed, leaving me very confident about exactly what to do and with very few questions. And in the event that I do have questions here and there, I always receive a personal, helpful response without having to wait three days for a reply.
I’ve gotta tell you, while I’m sure people are initially most drawn to working with you because of your presence in the fitness world and your proven track record of getting results with both your clients and yourself, it’s the passion that you put into every program and the true relationship you build with each client that keeps people coming back for more (but I’m sure you already know that). Anyway, I know it’s definitely the case for me.
Thanks again for all the help. The coaching program really has been everything I’ve hope it would be and more.
Looking forward to starting the new program on Monday.
Take care,
Tom W.
Scranton, PA


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